Grammy Award-winning cinematographer Andy LaViolette is best known for his wonderful work with Snarky Puppy. Vinyl Hampdin is also fortunate to call him our official cinematographer! Here is his bio in his own words:

Music has been a major part of my life since I began studying jazz in 1993. It lured me into somehow getting a Jazz Guitar Performance degree from the University of North Texas during a time when I was quickly falling in love with understanding the principles of photography and video. My initial intentions for getting professional video equipment were nothing more than an excuse to film my band at the time and to play with fun, new technological toys. I began doing work for my peers at UNT and beyond and slowly started realizing that my enthusiasm for cinematography was something that could possibly lead to a career.

After falling in love with the music of the then college fusion band, Snarky Puppy, I began to test my new equipment on many of their gigs and eventually ended up directing a video album in 2009 called, "Tell Your Friends". After the album gained momentum and we filmed several more projects, I met so many of their amazingly talented friends and colleagues in New York and beyond and I accidentally found myself filming nothing but fantastic music on a regular basis.

Mr. Magic Carpet Ride Productions (MMCRP), the company run by myself and my wife, Christi LaViolette, has been in business since 2006 and every year presents new challenges and opportunities at every turn. In addition to our music film-making we have created documentary, commercial, and narrative films and are expanding our crews in places like New York, L.A., Colorado, Texas, Holland, and have traveled to many other beautiful locations for our clients.

I always hoped music would be a major part of my life but I never knew exactly how that would happen. I feel incredibly lucky to have met and worked with so many talented people that I believe are creating a musical revolution in such a rapidly changing world.

Andy LaViolette CEO at Mr. Magic Carpet Ride Productions Multi Grammy-Winning Director Husband and Father