Art Bouton is the top-call woodwind artist in the Denver metro area and is a mainstay in all genres of music in Colorado.  Art has performed with everyone from Idina Menzel to the Colorado and Philadelphia Symphony Orchestras. Here is his bio in his own words:
Hey, Art Bouton here. When I was a little boy, I dreamed at night of playing funk bari in a screaming horn section. Through years of training, and playing buckets of woodwinds, I managed to claw my way into the basement of this funky bunch. And let me tell you, it smells great down here!

Spending a week recording Steve's tunes with Frank and Ray was a blast. I honestly didn’t realize you could play sax while simultaneously laughing your ass off. Sure, I play with symphonies, opera companies and, other stuck up assemblages of musical darkness, but Vinyl Hampdin is the antidote for the soul crushing slog of the music biz. So, let’s rock on! I’ll be down here next to the boiler...

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