Frank David Greene is one of the top trumpet artists in the world today. Known for his recent stint with Paul Shaffer and The World's Most Dangerous Band on the David Letterman Show, Frank is also the lead trumpet of choice for Chris McBride, Roy Hargrove the Dizzy Gillespie All Stars and many, many more. Here is his bio in his own words:

​I have wanted to play music ever since I was a just young kid, growing up in Northern California. Music and Surfing! My Dad would not let me have the car until I was 16 years old, so music was it and surfing was on hold.

My older sister played the Recorder (Song Flute) in the the 3rd grade, and I could barely wait for my turn.

Plus, she would not let me play hers, so it was a really painful wait!


Anyhow - Several years later and it's still a treat to get to play -Now as a living.

Traveling all over the planet, playing at places like: Carnegie Hall, the Blue Note Jazz Club, Ronnie Scotts and the Royal Albert Hall in London, Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow and the Hollywood Bowl here in America - It's been a pretty amazing journey.

That also comes along with all of the incredible people you meet and get to play with too.

It's overwhelming!

I have fortunate enough to have played live and also recording as the Lead Trumpet for (Incl): Clark Terry Gerald Wilson Frank Foster Frank Wess Slide Hampton Roy Hargrove Christian McBride and the incredible Maynard Ferguson It's been an answer to childhood prayers!

I have lived in NYC for nearly 20 years now, and nothing can really compare to the 3 years I was lucky enough to spend every night playing on Television as the Lead trumpet player for:

The Late Show with David Letterman!

Honestly, it was a daily thrill.

To say that this is a great "job" is not really being very fair. It's a gift.

I am always incredibly thankful, and also still always a huge cheerleader for those who choose to chase after their childhood desires and dreams.

In addition to playing full time, I also get to do Clinics and Consulting at High Schools, Colleges and Universities.

In efforts to fill the learning gaps students often feel, and help to eliminate their fears of life after school - I get to help students put together real-life, workable game plans, so they are able to go straight from school and into their desired work environments with zero lag time.

It is truly one of the most rewarding endeavors ever!

My love for playing music with my wonderful and frighteningly amazingly talented musician friends has not wavered, though.

You can imagine that playing music with the members of VH is a real treat!

Steve Wiest has created a killer musical concept and I truly hope people will love hearing it, and seeing it just much as we love playing it.

Thanks Steve for an unreal music experience. Your brain always cooks up the most incredible sounding music!

Vinyl Hamptin is just the coolest thing!

One listen and you will see why!

​Learn more about Frank David Greene at his website: