A true Renaissance man, Stockton Helbing has been the drummer and musical director for Maynard Ferguson, current drummer with Doc Severinsen, top-call studio musician in Dallas (all styles) owns his own record label and produces many great artists. Here is his bio in his own words:

Hi everyone! My name is Stockton and I play the drums. I know what you are thinking. “What’s your first name?” Well, it’s Stockton. And no, my name isn’t Stockton Stockton.

I have a last-name-sounding-name for a first name is all. So, now that we have that out of the way, I just wanted to say that I really love playing music and hitting drums. I’ve been doing it pretty much most of my life and I enjoy it now more than ever. If I’m not playing music, I’m playing with my two wonderful kids and beautiful wife.

Any left over time, which is pretty much non-existent, I’m watching Star Wars and wondering “what the heck is the deal with that cave on Dagobah?!”

Learn more about Stockton at his website:http://www.stocktonhelbing.com/